Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tech Leader Says He Doesn't Know of Any Black Entrepreneurs....Is He Racist?


Tech Crunch founder Michael Harrington said that he doesn't know of a single black entrepreneur.  Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell ask whether or not he's a racist. 

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Embarrassing: Detroit Public Schools Don't Have Enough Books for All the Kids

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Black Scholars Are Now About "Less Talk, More Action"

Why Are Our Daddies Missing? A New Film Tries to Find Out Why

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Dr. Boyce: Our Kids Should be Blessed with Education, Not Ignorance When It Comes to Love and Life

Dr. Boyce Watkins advocates for sex education to be taught in all public schools.

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Crazy: Professor Shoots Student, then Kills Himself After Love Affair Gone Bad

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Fox Bringing Back "In Living Color" - But Can They Handle It?

fox bringing living color back on the air

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Baby Has Limbs Amputated After Being Left in Waiting Room - Family Awarded $10M

Malyia Jeffers had her life significantly altered after doctors were negligent.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Noted Black Scholar Rudolph Byrd Dies at the age of 58

professor rudolph byrd dies at the age of 58

Rudolph Byrd taught at Emory University for over 20 years. 


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Doctors Find First HIV/Herpes Prevention Method Completely Controlled by Women


A new gel has shown promise in the prevention of both HIV and Herpes.

Nigerian Tribal King Files Billion Dollar Suit Against Dutch Shell Oil Company

Quite a few Nigerians are angry with Dutch Shell for allegedly destroying their environment.  But the violations go even deeper than that. 

Man Convicted in McDonald's Beating Says He Only Had to Fight Because He was Attacked

rayon mcintosh was convicted of a beating in a mcdonald's restaurant

Rayon McIntosh says that the McDonald's beating only happened because the women attacked him first.  The video evidence seems to support his point. 

Pregnant Woman Murdered Shielding Children from Gunfire

zurana horton was killed shielding young children from gunfire

Zurana Horton is a hero after protecting children with her life. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Study: Black People Don't Like Giving Organs to Strangers

Black people don't seem to mind sharing their organs with family, but don't think much about strangers.  

Cornel West Gets Arrested Again

cornel west gets arrested again in new york

It looks like Cornel West is on a mission.  

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President Obama Announces that All Troops are Coming Home from Iraq

President Obama is finally bringing our men and women home from Iraq.  Good for him and even better for them. 


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Congregation Members Sue Bishop Eddie Long Over Failed Investment Scheme

ephren taylor and bishop eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long and Ephren Taylor are getting pushback from members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. 

If She Insists on Having the Baby, Should a Man Be Able to get a Financial Abortion?

kirsten west-savali discusses the financial abortion

Kirsten West-Savali at Your Black World makes some interesting points on this controversial topic. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Optimum Launches the "Less Talk, More Action Empowerment Tour"


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For Information Contact:

Joy Farrington, Administrative Assistant to Ryan Mack

The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment, Inc.



Optimum Launches the “Less Talk…More Action” Economic Empowerment Tour Sponsored by George Soros Open Society Institute


On October 27th, 2011 in direct response to economic hardships faced by the Black and Hispanic communities as a result of a lagging economy, The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment (“OIEE”) will launch its economic empowerment tour entitled “Less Talk…More Action”.  While going through as many as 13 cities with the possibility of adding more, Ryan Mack (President of OIEE, Author, and National Media Commentator) has galvanized a dynamic team of world renowned experts to create tangible solutions to multifaceted economic hardships that continue to plague minority communities.   



Why Would Herman Cain Accuses Liberals of Killing Jesus? Dr. Boyce Watkins and Wilmer Leon Discuss

Click to watch Syracuse University Professor Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Wilmer Leon of Howard University discuss the reasons that Herman Cain might think that the liberals killed Jesus.  They also discuss Cain's candidacy and whether or not Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy has been hijacked by corporate America.  Black Scholarship in Action

Very, Very Funny: Erin Harper Does a Mock Interview Between Herman Cain and Barbara Walters

erin harper imitates an interview between herman cain and barbara walters

Watch this hilarious interview between Herman Cain and Barbara Walters.  But it's actually a spoof performed by Erin Harper, who is absolutely hilarious.