Friday, August 19, 2011

HBCUs Aggressively Recruiting Non-Black Students


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by Antoine Scroggins, Your Black World 

Historically Black Colleges and University recruiters are vigorously enhancing student recruitment practices in order to “boost” low enrollment numbers” and “offset funding shortages.” As a result, they are visiting tons of high schools and community colleges nationwide in hopes of bringing in bright new faces. Bright new white, chinese, and hispanic ones.

According to reports, “HBCUs are stepping up recruiting at predominately white, chinese, and  hispanic high schools and community colleges.”

So what’s the reasoning for actively seeking non-black students?

Johnny C. Taylor, President of the Thurgood Marshall Fund, attributes the recruiting efforts of chinese and hispanic students to a “decline in the white student body” at HBCUs. President Taylor alsostate that white students started leaving black schools due to “cuts in the Federal and State scholarship programs that encouraged white students to attend.”

So why specifically target chinese and hispanic students? My conjecture is that perhaps the government will be more inclined to administer funding.

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